Feel like your sleep quality is not as good as it could be?

In this interview with Audra Starkey – Clinical Nutritionist at The Healthy Shift Worker  – we delve into the relationship between sleep and nutrition and how they affect each other.

Audra’s special interest in shift work health stemmed from her own personal struggles of working shift work for nearly two decades

As Audra says on her website, “she has a very holistic view on health, in particular when it comes to those who work through the night, and get up at ridiculous times of the day because sleep-deprivation can be the catalyst behind a lot of our struggles – and not just on the food that we eat”.

Join us for an informative and inspirational conversation and learn:

  • How to implement simple practices in our everyday life that can help us achieve better quality sleep
  • How sleep and nutrition affect each other
  • How stress affects us and simple techniques to calm our nervous system

You can also listen to this interview on The Connection Project Podcast

Here is a great sleep aid recipe that Audra kindly shared with us: Sleepy-Time Cherry, Coconut & Carob Latte, I cannot wait to try this myself!

Here are some resources mentioned in the interview to help with better sleep:

For some more tips you can read my blog on How to eat healthy while recovering from jet leg or being sleep deprived or join the conversation in our Facebook group The Connection Project Tribe – Holistic Wellbeing for women – mind, body & soul.