Love Yourself As You Are. You Are Beautiful.

Aug 13, 2018 | Love & Connection

I firmly believe Balance equals Wellbeing”

Many times in the past I fell in the trap of excess, with over working, over giving, pushing really hard to make things happen, and most often it all led to exhaustion both physically and mentally. I pushed down my feminine side as I was hustling my way to ‘success’. I was made to believe that being ‘sexy’ was dirty, it was something for the ‘bad girls’, I couldn’t possibly do that, I was a ‘good girl’ after all. The effects of this belief have been profound throughout my life, so much that receiving a compliment was almost a challenge. I had mixed feelings, of course it was nice, but on the other hand, I thought I didn’t deserve it, that beautiful, talented woman they were talking about, it couldn’t possibly be me. So I had the most awkward responses to compliments “oh thank you but you are too kind, I don’t think so”, and many other variations of this.

I realised not long ago, how limiting this belief was for me, and how much I have neglected my feminine side in favour of a more masculine “go and get it” type of energy. One thing I have to say though is that I am extremely grateful for this life that is teaching us how to be a better person every day, plus, it seems that when we make a conscious decision to change things, even if we still don’t know exactly how, the Universe conspires to help us. 

In my case, I have met a very special friend who happens to be a boudoir photographer, or should I say… an artist… because what she does is not ‘just photography’, she listens to you and your story, and with some sort of magic, takes the most beautiful pictures for you to look at and change your own perspective about yourself. We all have our internal thoughts and beliefs on how we look that are not even close to reality. Having these photos taken, transformed me in a better human being, and made me realise how much we sabotage our natural beauty.

It smashed my belief that “sexy is dirty”, and I am in love with the new me, with my imperfections, with my C-section scar, with my pregnancy stretch marks…they tell a story of my life, but they are not who I really am.
As Gay Hendricks says in his book “The Big Leap”, when you breakthrough your hidden barriers based on fear and false beliefs that are holding you back in life…the barriers dissolve, and you are free. It is a profound moment that will change your world forever.

You are a miracle, you are beautiful…as you are, no matter the colour of your skin, where you were born, the language you speak, the stretch marks on your body, wrinkles or scars…that’s not what defines who you are. Your beauty is within, and when you let it shine, woah…. watch out world! That light you have is pure magic, and people cannot help themselves but to stop breathing for a second and think ‘that woman, is out of this world’. So love yourself, as you are, no matter what size…you are perfect, right now! Let the world see you for who you really are, a beautiful, perfect evolving soul.

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