Feel like all this gut health talk on the internet is confusing?

Maybe you’re wondering if it is that essential as some health experts say?

In this interview with Alison Johns – Clinical Nutritionist from Indulgent Wellbeing – we delve into why gut health is really essential.

Alison started her career when her kids went to high school and she witnessed how some teenagers were struggling with health conditions that in the past were most commonly only experienced in adulthood.

Her heart was touched and that defining moment changed her career and life forever. With a strong desire to help and be a catalyst for change, she became a nutritionist focusing on gut health.

Join us for an informative conversation and learn:

  • How to implement simple practices in our everyday life that support our gut health
  • The effects of stress on our digestion & how to minimise that before eating
  • Gut/Brain connection and how they communicate & affect each otherBottom of Form

You can also listen to the interview on The Connection Project Podcast.

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