Discover Your Power Within

Apr 28, 2017 | Vision

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” Tony Robbins

Know what you don’t want so that you know exactly what you do want. You have amazing resources within you, even if sometimes it feels like there is nothing left.

As Oprah says ‘you are only one choice away from changing your life’.

If you could make that choice today, what would it be?

Know that you can, know that you have a power within you of infinite potential and creation. What you want is all there for you, you just need to align with it. You, meaning your thoughts, beliefs and intentions. Without noticing it, we sabotage our plans all the time.

We have this voice inside telling us all sorts of things. We may have an amazing idea that we think could potentially save the world, and then a random attack of limiting and negative thoughts start telling us: ‘You can’t do it.’ ‘You are a nobody.’ ‘That’s a silly idea.’ ‘How could you possibly do that?’. Sad, I know…. If we were to stop that constant negative self- talk, could you imagine how amazing the world could be..

The fact is that when we achieve CLARITY on what we want, we have a VISION and we know WHY we want what we do, then it is all a different story. Our WHY, the reason and the intention behind what we want and what we do, is absolutely crucial. If your WHY is bigger than your WHY NOT, 

then you are on your way to making miracles happen, as there is almost nothing that can stop you.

Action steps:

– Write down your Vision (what you want) and your Why (reason/intention) and put it where you can see it every day, morning and night (close to your bed, on the bathroom’s mirror, in the kitchen, wherever works for you)

– A very powerful way of knowing if your vision and your why come from the right intention, from your heart, is to take a short video of yourself where you state them and then watch it every time you feel lost. I can assure you, watching yourself stating what you believe in, what your passion is, what your vision is…it can change the way you think about yourself, and you can become your own inspiration.

Stop, breathe, connect with yourself, dream big, be inspired, experience life, have faith, choose love and more importantly…. CHOOSE TO BE YOU.

Are you busy trying to be everything to everyone while realising time goes by so fast?