An Easy Way To Eat Better And Spend Less

Jun 22, 2018 | Food

As sure as the world is round, mothers will never have enough time. ”

In between work, looking after the kids and the house, trying to look after themselves and see friends once in a blue moon, busy mothers are always looking for a way to save some time. Batch cooking is one of the best cooking tips you can follow to help you find more time in your hectic day.

And saving time is just the first of so many benefits to getting organised enough to do some batch cooking every week or two. You will also save money, reduce your stress, eat healthier and be able to prioritise the more important things in your life.

Save Money
Batch cooking allows you to have quick and convenient food without paying for takeaway. You can have meals ready to go every night no matter how tired or stressed you might be.

You can buy cheaper cuts of meat and vegetables in bulk for slower cooking, rather than dashing to the supermarket during the week for extra ingredients.

You can save money on buying snacks for the kids’ lunches by baking your own, and also have your and your partner’s lunches ready to take to work every day.

The amount of money you save through all of this is mind blowing – and probably makes you wonder why you haven’t started doing this already!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce all the preparation steps, have some basics in your freezer, or a complete meal for when emergency strikes, and be able to sit down to your meals less stressed and more able to just mindfully enjoy your dinner?

What are the benefits of batch cooking?

Save Time

When you cook every night, you spend probably at least an hour in total in the prep and clean-up of the meal, if not longer. Imagine if it took you only half time, and you could have a spare 30 minutes to relax and sit down with your kids?

The bulk preparation on the weekend or just one afternoon a week means that you can make a bunch of meals simultaneously (and blessfully only do one clean-up), saving you an enormous amount of time every week. Or when you cook dinner, make more, make double quantity, and that will save you from having to buy lunch.

You will also save time shopping, or just standing in front of the fridge mindlessly trying to figure out what to eat tonight.

Eat Healthier
When you batch cook, you know exactly what is going into your food. You can monitor the amount of things like salt, sugar and fat, and you can also make things free from chemicals additives and preservatives (because, why on earth would you be adding these things, really!)
The nutrients in the food stay in and you know exactly what vitamins and minerals your family are getting. You can also hide veggies better if you have fussy eaters, or cater for dietary requirements and allergies with much more confidence that the food you are serving is safe.

Reduce Stress

Having your meals ready to go means that you can greatly reduce the hassle when you get home of having to cook for your family. For working parents this is essential help – they often only walk in the door right at dinner time, after work, a long commute and then childcare pick-up. Most often there is not much time for cooking.

Having the meals ready helps you ditching the stress around dinner time, and also the worry of spending money on takeaway all the time.

Prioritise Your Time Better

You can use your time far more wisely if you are batch cooking because all the prep is done, all you need to do is re-heat. Let’s say you are having Pasta with Bolognese Sauce (Ragu’), if the sauce is ready in the freezer…dinner only takes 10 minutes for cooking pasta. Or if you have pre-made meals, Bung the dinner in the oven, and actually spend fifteen minutes having fun with your kids, or just sitting down and remembering to breathe.

There are so many other things of an evening that you need to make time for, such as homework, laundry, getting ready for tomorrow, gym, baths, reading and putting kids to bed, as well as maybe looking at your partner and remembering who that person is, that man you liked so much, you wanted to spend your life with him!

When you are able to do these higher priority things, like spending time with others, creating deep connection and memories, or just taking time for your own mental or physical health, everyone in the house is happier and better off.

Cooking Tips: How To Become An Expert At Batch Cooking


The key to batch cooking is in the preplanning. Batch cooking means you have to be organised enough to do it in advance. When you do this, you spend only one period doing all of the preparation, cooking, and clean-up of multiple meals at once, instead of doing each meal individually every evening.

• Work out a menu in advance, and shop for only those things that you need
• Buy ingredients in bulk including cheaper cuts of meat (organic of course), slow cook veggies like sweet potato, parsnip and carrot, and staples like flour, rice, beans, and lentils.
• Buy local and seasonal produce, and stock up at local markets for the healthiest options

You will need enough containers to store your meals, and also a big enough freezer to hold them in, but the one-time outlay for these is far better than the repeated costs of convenience eating. Plus, the amount of waste you are reducing is an incredible bonus for the planet.

It is more important than ever to have food ready when you are so tired that you can’t cook; that’s the time you need it most to sustain you! You are eating more nutritious food while you reduce your stress and take even a brief moment to rest, which boosts your energy and mood levels in all areas.
Plus good quality food made by you is the best!

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