About The Connection Project

The Connection Project has been created to inspire & empower women to re-connect with the person who understands and loves them the most …. Themselves. When this happens, the most profound realisations take place, and all of a sudden, we go for what matters to us with a sense of clarity and direction and we fall in love with life again. A new sense of calm and peace comes along as we discover our immense inner power, that can heal, support and drive us – available anytime, for FREE!

The Connection Project intention is to provide a transformational experience while keeping it real and authentic supporting you on your journey with heart & soul.
Nourishing and empowering mind, body & soul while creating connection through food, love & adventure.

Here you will find blogs, podcasts – interviewing everyday heroes & wellness experts – online resources and live events, where we can connect and talk all things ‘health, wealth, love & happiness’.

Most importantly we are creating a community of women in our private Facebook Group ‘The Connection Project Tribe’, a safe space where we can inspire and empower each other, while creating amazing connections along the way.

Our Values

  • Cultivating Self-Love & Connection
  • Creating Community & Authentic Relationships
  • Celebrating Life through Real Food, Love & Adventure
  • Embracing imperfection, simplicity & creating more love & happiness in the world

Our Mission

The Connection Project Mission is to inspire & empower women to nurture their mind, body & soul and create the life they desire, through food, love & adventure.

The Connection Project Team

Sara Capacci

Director & Founder of The Connection Project

Degree qualified in Complementary Medicine, and an obsession for Real Food, Self-Love & Connection. Mother of two & lover of simple life, Sara’s mission is to inspire women to reconnect to themselves and the pleasure of life through Food, Love & Adventure. Originally from Italy, she wants to share the ‘Italian Passion for Food & Life’ with the world.

It is easy to fall into the autopilot mode and routine of daily life. When she became a new mum she experienced just that, and went on a journey of self-discovery and study to find out more about mind & body connection and help herself return to a life of happiness, health, purpose & fulfilment.
She is now on a mission to transform other women’s lives by inspiring and empowering them to create more connection, love, health & fun while nurturing their mind, body & soul, and become the creators of the life they desire & deserve.

Marcello Veggiani

Professional Video Producer & Photographer

Marcello has a huge passion for food, style, photography & creative videos. He made of his passion his career and he is able to turn any video in a piece of art. Marcello has been an amazing contributor and creator behind The Connection Project’s videos of Italy, and will continue to produce the next series in the future. Capturing the passion behind amazing foods & wines, the beauty of the Italian cities and countryside, as well as the emotions behind stories of love & connection. If you want to know more about his work head to www.marcelloveggiani.com.

Annaliese van Oosterwijck

Branding & Marketing Specialist

Annaliese is the founder of The Feel. With a marketing and management double degree at Monash University, she has been working in corporate marketing in Melbourne and Auckland, but her true passion lays in small business. Years of experience working with small businesses showed her that brands are like living entities. Brands have a personality, a tone and a certain look and feel, however, most small business owners are swamped with the daily running of their business, that they often have little or no time to communicate this to their customers. This is how The Feel began…helping businesses to not only identify their brand but to also be the voice of their brand – to act as the bridge between their branding strategy and their target audience. If you want to get in touch with Annaliese you can contact her at Annaliese@thefeel.com.au.

Heidi Wilson

Online Portals & Automation Expert

Heidi has a passion for designing technical solutions that empower people to make a difference. Heidi loves nothing more than helping non-technical people understand technical concepts, so they too can embrace digital technology with confidence! Having built and maintained an online membership portal which educates primary teachers to teach coding and robotics, Heidi now builds portals for others. She works exclusively with non-techies who are ready to reach and impact more people by delivering their knowledge within a secure online environment. If you need to get in touch with Heidi you can find her at https://byteminded.com.au or ask@portals.byteminded.com.au.

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