A Real Taste of Italy with Sara – Cesena – Emilia Romagna

Jun 19, 2018 | Travel & Adventure

A Tavola non si invecchia. – You don’t age while seated for a meal.”

As I sit at my desk here in Brisbane Australia, I think about the beauty of this country, how I adore its nature, the sand and the beach, the beautiful green parks and the coloured birds.

But my heart is a gipsy and always wonders around the world. I cannot help but going back to beautiful memories of travelling with my family, the memories we create every time and the beautiful experiences we share with our kids.

Last Christmas we went back home in Cesena (Emilia Romagna – Italy). The flight is long, but the excitement and the anticipation to see my family, my friends, and taste the best foods and wines… makes it worthwhile.

At Christmas time, the atmosphere is just amazing. Those beautiful castles, narrow streets, bars and shops, Christmas lights and music everywhere. Yes it can get cold, but there is always a bar nearby where to stop and have Aperitivo, or an Italian Hot Chocolate.
The aroma coming from the small local bakeries of fresh baked bread and pastries in the morning is just addictive. You find yourself in the shop, and you almost don’t know how that happened, hehe.

As much as I appreciated Italy when I was living there, I now adore it even more. I miss that deep red Sangiovese wine, those small Osteria (rustic restaurants) that are hidden away from the touristic crowds, they are the real deal of rustic tasty foods, often with a grandma in the kitchen who yells “E’ pronto” – It’s ready.

Especially over Christmas, lunches and dinners are long, and I mean very long, they last hours. In my family, grandma makes all the food on Christmas day, and you cannot even offer to bring anything or she gets offended. So much connection, love and laughter happens around that dinner table. It is a memory I go back to, every time I am nostalgic.

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