Inspiring & empowering women to nurture their body, mind & soul.

Does life seem to be going on autopilot? Always busy, short of time, trying to create a living while missing out on life?

You are not alone, and that’s why I have created The Connection Project. To inspire & support women to reconnect with the pleasures of life through Food, Love & Adventure.

We all want more clarity, love and connection in our lives, and the good news is that creating the life you desire is possible. You just need a little extra inspiration & support along the way, which is what the connection project is all about.

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Love Yourself As You Are. You Are Beautiful.

  “I firmly believe Balance equals Wellbeing”   Many times in the past I fell in the trap of excess, with over working, over giving, pushing really hard to make things happen, and most often it all led to exhaustion both physically and mentally. I pushed down my...

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A Guide To Being Unapologetically You

Are you busy trying to be everything to everyone while realising time goes by so fast?

Are you ready to reclaim a life that is aligned to who you are?

Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed about where to even start?

Get access to this FREE guide to:

  • Add more Self Love into your life
  • Create more Time for what matters to you
  • Get inspired to make a PLAN to turn your Vision into Reality
  • And so much more

About Sara

Director & Founder of The Connection Project

Degree qualified in Complementary Medicine, and an obsession for Real Food, Self-Love & Connection. Mother of two & lover of simple life, Sara’s mission is to inspire women to reconnect to themselves and the pleasure of life through Food, Love & Adventure. Originally from Italy, she wants to share the ‘Italian Passion for Food & Life’ with the world.

It is easy to fall into the autopilot mode and routine of daily life. When she became a new mum she experienced just that, and went on a journey of self-discovery and study to find out more about mind & body connection and help herself return to a life of happiness, health, purpose & fulfilment.